While Full Circle Lamaze reviews current developments in birthing, medical options and the various alternatives available during and after the birth experience, it will also provide couples with anatomy and physiology review, discusses stages of labor- physical and emotional support during each phase,  hands-on comfort measures including relaxation, interventions, C-Birth and postpartum information for the hospital and  for the first month at home.  These classes are design for couples desiring for a low intervention birth  as well as those couples who are looking for techniques to deal with pain relief until they get an epidural. Couples interact and have fun while gaining knowledge and's time to get prepared for your upcoming birth.

All FCCC classes are taught by certified instructors familiar with area physicians, certified nurse-midwives and hospitals. Our classes are held at medical and hospital locations around the Richmond area. Class size is limited to make sure you receive meaningful, individual attention. Fees vary according to class type; tuition for the five week childbirth preparation series is $125.00. You will also received a copy of Kathy Stewart's book, Your Birth Plan- Creating your path to a fulfilling pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.  Register early to make sure you are able to be in the class that is most appropriate for your due date.

Call today for class schedules (804-747-0761).  We look forward to working with you as you prepare for this wonderful life experience!


Locations & Times

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings at Henrico Drs. Hospital Skipwith and on Wednesday evenings at Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital.  Times: 7-9:30pm for five evenings.   
Private Sunday classes are also available.

Birth Plans

Birth plans are used as a communication tool between the mother and her partner, couples and their healthcare provider, and the hospital nursing staff.   It will contain your wishes and desires for your upcoming birth as well as discuss of your  special needs or concerns that you may have.


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