At Full Circle, we believe that birth is an empowering event in a woman's life. As the mother discovers her own strengths and wishes, the doula helps her build confidence in herself and her abilities.

The concept of a doula recognizes that, although fathers play a vital support role, sometimes additional help is needed. With a doula, a father can share in the birth at the level where he is most comfortable. The doula’s skills and knowledge can help him to feel more relaxed and to participate as much as he wishes in the birth, assuring the mother of full labor support at all times. For more information on dads and doulas, click here.

Doulas compliment the mother-father-physician relationship, integrating the parents' birth plan with the ever-changing demands of labor. 

Full Circle Childbirth Consultants' doula support starts with a prenatal visit with the expectant parents. This visit allows both parties to become acquainted, to explore and discuss priorities and any fears or concerns. The need for additional educational or support services is explored.

Doula, n., doo'-la, from Greek, meaning 'with woman.'A doula is an experienced woman who helps women during labor, delivery and/or the post-delivery period. The doula provides the mother with physical and emotional support along with her partner.


The doula joins the expectant parents at the hospital when labor has started. Using professional skills and experience, the doula provides physical comfort, facilitates communication with staff and provides reassurance and perspective to the couple.

The doula helps with relaxation and positioning, using comfort measures such as position changes, massage, back pressure and aromatherapy. She remains with the mother throughout the entire labor and delivery process, bringing years of experience in labor support to the mother's birth experience.

Finally, the doula visits the couple in the hospital or at home to review the birth experience, help with problem-solving, and discuss any concerns or issues the new parents might have.

As a result, studies show that when parents work with doulas, women have shorter labors, fewer medical interventions, fewer cesareans and healthier babies, and are more satisfied with their birth experience.